your insights resonate deeply, Tiger. The journey from childhood to adulthood often carries the unintended consequence of diminishing our innate curiosity. It's both fascinating and a bit disheartening to observe the boundless curiosity of a child, examining even the tiniest details with unbridled fascination.

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I LOVE this topic! And that your baby sister helped inspire you. That's so great!

I've been actively trying to not only ask questions, but phrase them in a curious manner. For example, instead of asking: "Why did we choose to X for this problem?"

I might ask: "Is there a benefit to X over Y to solve for this problem?"

I've found it invites more discussion and it also helps me approach my peers with genuine curiosity rather than sounding possibly accusatory or as if I were questioning their approach.

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Asking more questions is always a great strategy. I try to challenge my self to ask more about the things we take for granted. Or things that are there just because they have been there for ages (at work I mean).

Thank you for the reminder, Tiger!

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