My story



I’m Tiger Abrodi.

I was born and raised in Sweden.

Hearing loss

I was born with hearing loss.

So I hear about 60% less than your average person.

One of the restrictions it imposed on me is the things I can become.

I’m not sure how it is in every country.

But growing up, I was told I can’t become a pilot among other things.

Moving to Germany

Growing up, I was an obese gaming addict.

I moved from Sweden to Germany at the age of 14.

That’s when I began thinking about my future.

I always wanted to become a professional eSports player.

I loved the game CS:GO.

I lost two of my academic years since I had to learn German.

I felt like I was behind.

I felt like I had to succeed urgently.


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At 15, I dabbled in some coding and started kickboxing.

At 16, I started web development seriously over at Codecademy.

At 18, I made a commitment to myself:

A year from now, I’ll drop out of high school and land a job as a software engineer.

At 19, I dropped out of high school and began working as a Junior Frontend Developer.

I worked hard and diversified my learning in every way possible:

  • Open Source

  • Volunteering in communities

  • Writing blog posts

  • Building side projects

  • Reading books

2021 was an intensive year for me. I’d wake up at 5 every morning and use every single paid vacation to grind.

1.5 years later, after dropping out, I landed two 6-figure offers.

Now, I’m working as a Senior Software Engineer making 6-figures.


I’m the biggest Naruto fan.

Naruto helped me through my toughest time:

The time I was dropping out and trying to find my first developer job.

Everyone discouraged me.

No one believed in me.

People called me names.

But I never gave up.

Nothing and no one will stop my relentless spirit.

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