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I offer 1:1 coaching sessions to help you excel in all areas.

60-minute session.

30-minute session.

You save 100 EUR by picking the 60-minute session.

Who am I?

I’m Tiger Abrodi, a Senior Software Engineer who had to learn everything the hard way.

In just 18 months after dropping out of high school, I landed two $100k+ Senior engineering offers. I had to learn everything the hard way. Whether it’s tutorial hell, experiencing burnout or needing to push for my promotion.

I’ve done it all and explored every way to succeed as a developer:

  • Building side projects: From ideation to successful shipping.

  • Productivity routines: Optimized my daily routine for maximum productivity.

  • Contributing to Open Source: I’ve contributed to Open Source via code and community.

  • Success with blogging: I have written 300+ blog posts and have been recognized as a Hashnode Expert.

  • Books: Read 50+ software engineering books.

  • Learning from experts: I ran the Software Crafters podcast for a year, where I had the chance to speak to experts like Dave Farley.

  • Community leader: Becoming a leader in communities like Little Software Planet or Kent C. Dodds community.

What can I help you with?

I offer comprehensive support to help you succeed as a software engineer. Whether it's technical skills or productivity hacks, I've got you covered.

Here’s what you can achieve with my coaching:

  • Rapid Promotion: Learn the strategies to get promoted quickly and become a Senior engineer.

  • High-Paying Offers: Attract $100k+ software engineering offers.

  • Interviews: Land more interviews and crush them. Let’s look at your Resume and level up your game!

  • Enhanced Productivity: Develop routines that maximize your efficiency and output.

  • Side Project Guidance: Get expert feedback on your side projects and code together.

  • Fullstack Development: Expertise in React, Node, Remix, React Query, Next.js, CSS, Tailwind, and more.

  • Blogging Success: Start, maintain, and succeed with your blog. I can review and edit your posts. See my process and learn.

  • Content Creation: Build a strong social media brand.

When booking your session, provide details on the areas you need help with.

Let’s make your goals a reality.

30-minute session

60-minute session